The Unbroken Line

"Fans of Lee Child, John Grisham and Matthew Reilly will find much to love in this second book about vigilante lawyer Will Harris."
- Herald-Sun

"This rollicking legal story flies along at breakneck speed."
– The Daily Telegraph

"a taut and intelligent thriller that poses big questions about legality, morality, privilege and justice without sacrificing pace or suspense"
– Angela Savage

"a well crafted and gripping legal thriller. Perfect for fans of John Grisham and Michael Connelly"
– Booked Out

"a racy read with well-chosen prose and an interesting plot that hooks the reader from the start"
– Weekly Times

"a smart and slick page turner with enough pulp to make the whole thing a very fast paced, enjoyable read"
– The AU Review

"At around 350 pages this is the perfect length for a return flight to Bali."
– Law Institute of Victoria Journal

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The violence of the past casts a long shadow – a dark legacy with lethal consequences.

When defence lawyer Will Harris is attacked by masked men with a clear message to back off, he has no choice but to listen. If only he knew what they were talking about.

Under siege as his fledgling law firm struggles to get off the ground, Will agrees to defend the troubled son of a family friend. But the case is far from clear-cut, and the ethical boundaries murky. Instead of clawing his way out of trouble, Will finds he's sinking ever deeper.

At the same time, his search for his attackers unearths an unexpected source that points him towards Melbourne's corridors of power. But motives, let alone proofs, are hard to find. It is only when those close to him are threatened that Will realises how near he is to the deadly truth.

Gripping, sophisticated and strikingly atmospheric, The Unbroken Line creates a remarkable portrait of power, revenge and corruption, rooted in a vivid and unmistakably Australian setting.

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