On Blood Witness: 

"a slick, fast-paced legal thriller set in Melbourne but with a genuine international flavour and with enough twists to surprise even the most avid fans of the genre"

– The West Australian

"the most compelling aspect of the book is the legal one with its debate about the relationship between the law and justice and its insider knowledge of details"

– The Adelaide Advertiser

"an addictive, engrossing story right from the very first page" 

– 1girl2manybooks

"an entertaining and interesting thriller and a great start to a new Australian crime series with lots of potential" 

Book'd Out 

"a clever multi-threaded plot" 

Newton Review of Books

"The opening prologue . . . is as exciting as anything I’ve read in a long time. It says much for Hammond’s story-telling skills and augurs well for his future writing." 

– Devoted Eclectic