3 September 2015

Interview with the Melbourne University Law School

Photo: Melanie Lazarow
Much has changed at my alma mater since I studied law there around the turn of the millennium. The year after I graduated a slick new law school was opened south of campus — the sandstone replaced by a glass-fronted high-rise — the camellia bushes in the law quad no longer its centrepiece but rather a marble-floored lobby. Where once law lecturers occupied an attic, their new offices more closely resembled those of modern city firms.

My nostalgia for that time is mixed. The exams were hard, the cases often seemed impenetrable, but the ideas, the ethics and history all spoke to me. Perhaps it was inevitable that I'd write about the law and not practice it (and forcibly maintain the law schools original home in my first novel).

Undeterred, Melbourne Law School has interviewed me as an alumnus and you can now read about by my spotted history online: