24 July 2015

Catching up - book launch and other updates

The book launch for The Unbroken Line was held last Thursday 16 July. It was a wonderful evening and the support and enthusiasm for the new book was&nbsp very gratifying. After I read briefly from the first chapter, Angela Savage interviewed me on a range of topics including the challenges of a second novel, my aspirations for Will Harris as well as some of the historical and legal influences I drew on for this second outing. Angela brought some fantastic insights as a fellow crime writer and it was a real pleasure to share the stage with her. Again, as with the Blood Witness book launch, the resulting sales at Readings put The Unbroken Line on their Top 10 Best Sellers list of the week. A fantastic show of support from all those who came on the night - thank you to all.

Last Sunday the Fairfax papers interviewed meNot only was this a real thrill, it resulted in great weekend exposure in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. I really enjoyed Karen Hardy’s article as it discussed some broader aspects of the future for the Will Harris series including the TV option (more news on this down the track).

Also excellent were recent blog reviews and radio interviews with some wonderful people from community radio. With all this going on it would be fair to say that word of The Unbroken Line is absolutely getting out there. Fingers crossed for plenty of sales.

"promoted as “the Australian John Grisham”... the author is probably deserving of the comment on the cover of the book!"

"If Blood Witness breathed fresh air into an otherwise stuffy sub-genre, The Unbroken Line brought it into uncharted waters"

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