2 February 2015

The year ahead

2014 was a busy writing year with a number of projects on the boil most of which are starting to come to fruition. In no particular order they are:

Blood Witness TV option
That’s right! Blood Witness has been optioned to be turned into a TV series. Very exciting times, and still a ways to go before it arrives on the small screen, but I’m very much looking forward to this process. I wrote a spec pilot based on the novel and had the good fortune to pick up a producer who is a big fan of the book. We’ve already workshopped the screenplay, a very rewarding experience, and are looking in the first half of this year to find an interested network. Watch this space for updates as I get them.

The Unbroken Line (Will Harris #2)
Hawk’s Covenant has been retitled as the very stylish The Unbroken Line – a title that ties in wonderfully with the plot and themes of the novel. I’ve just completed its redraft in preparation for a July release this year. I’m very happy with the state of this book – it’s more ambitious than Blood Witness while still exploring the central theme of law vs justice.

I’ve also seen the provisional cover and can say that it’s fantastic. Adam Laszczuk has done an amazing job on the design and as soon as the final cover can be released I will throw it up on the website. Expect ominous shadows and grey urban dread – perfect for a Melbourne-based crime novel.

Will Harris #3
Just before Christmas, I finished the draft one of the third book in the Will Harris series (no title as yet). I’ve found that each successive book gets harder in terms of my own self-criticism and what I’m willing to accept for my characters, plot and writing. Dorothy Parker really did nail it when she said ‘I hate writing, I love having written’. ‘Hate’ is perhaps too strong a word for my experience – there are still those days when the whole thing sings – but I do miss the naiveté of my first writing attempts when everything I put down felt like solid gold (it wasn’t, of course).

I’ve also recently completed a film screenplay and two treatments that are currently doing the rounds (via my agent) to producers. Again these are exciting, if nerve-wracking times, but so far the feedback has been good. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, they’re all crime stories and I’m enjoying playing with the expectations and boundaries of the genre.

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