2 August 2013

On the radio, at the library

Over the last few weeks I had the opportunity to talk to a number of radio hosts across the country as part of the Blood Witness promotions. What surprised me was the depth of reposes to the novel — no one interview was the same — with questions ranging from specific plot points to larger thematic conceits.

3MDR 97.1 FM The Good Life - 15 July 2013
(At the 1:24:30 mark)

3CR 855 AM Published...Or Not - 30 July 2013
(First up in their latest episode)

Left to right: Angela Savage, Nick Place, Peter Cotton and myself
Meanwhile, on Tuesday 30 August I appeared as part of the Night of Crime and Mystery panel as part of a Yarra Libraries event in the Fitzroy Town Hall. Angela Savage hosted and myself, Peter Cotton and Nick Place spoke as debut crime writers. There was a fantastic turn out with the discussion ranging from what makes a good crime novel, where the inspiration for our characters came from, the impact of social media on crime reporting and the recent J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith affair. Thanks to both Claire and Lorraine from Yarra Libraries for running the event and to the Brunswick Street Bookstore for selling copies of our novels on the night.

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