7 April 2013

Hawk's Covenant underway

This week I started on the sequel to Blood Witness. After a first day of 'how the hell does this work again' I've been fortunate enough to hit a kind of rhythm. Here's hoping it holds.

I've never written a sequel before. I find I'm asking questions of myself around how much to review from the previous book and how much to leave as unanswered questions. I suspect I will revise quite extensively on the first edit once I've read through the entire novel. But for now I'm using only the information that's absolutely necessary and spreading exposition through a gradual drip feed of dialogue and observations.

One other interesting thing that cropped up during some quick research on a lunch break was a fantastic blog that the National Archive has been putting together on banned books. A great insight into the somewhat dubious rationale used to restrict works of literature:


Oh, and there's this, on the more light-hearted side:


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