10 March 2013

Publication date drawing closer

Everything is moving along quite rapidly now with Blood Witness. Edits, cover proofs, marketing and publicity meetings and visits to booksellers being scheduled. It's an exciting and busy time.

With a fast-paced legal thriller much of the editorial work has been focussed on moving the narrative along and making sure that continuity is in place. It can be surprisingly easy losing track of the multiple timelines and plot threads. I feel very fortunate that both my editors have an excellent eye for these things.

It would be dishonest of me if I didn't admit to some amount of anxiety and fretting. The reality of having my first novel published means that soon all the words will be locked in place. No more tinkering, no more revisions.

Discussions around the cover have included where it fits into the market, whether to include the Melbourne setting, ways in which we might more strongly position the legal thriller aspect of the novel... It's all very marketing heavy but a lot of my professional life has been spent in the Comms and Marketing area so these sorts of conversations are genuinely interesting to me.

The bookseller visits are an intriguing one. Two days of travelling around Melbourne with a rep from Penguin to introduce myself to the good folk who will hopefully pick up the novel for sale. A chance to put a face to the book and chat a bit about it. I don't really need an excuse to hang around in bookstores, but it's nice to have one.

Meanwhile, in the background, I'm working on finalising the structure for the book's sequel, Hawk's Covenant. My (self-imposed) start date for commencing writing is fast approaching and I need to get that house in order.

So all in all there's quite a bit going on. Every step of the way I'm still slapping myself, feeling very fortunate at the dawning realisation that I'm about to be published. It's exciting times indeed.

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  1. Actually a really interesting share for us non authors too to read this. All the mechanics of putting a book together seems a lot more work than I thought! Exciting times indeed.