27 March 2013

Bookseller visits

It’s been a busy two weeks. I flew to Sydney and discussed international rights with my agent, helped shoot the book trailer (my job being to not to get in the way) and spent two days of visiting booksellers around Melbourne. Exciting stuff!

The Bookseller visits went particularly well. Penguin focused the visits on handsellers, those store owners who have a strong rapport with their customers and will make recommendations based on enquiries and reading habits. We visited a range of stores — independents, chains and franchises. I don't envy the somewhat daunting task that booksellers are faced with but that they remain encouraged and enthusiastic in the face of adversity is inspiring to say the least.

I traveled from store to store with two of Penguin's senior sales staff. They would introduce me to the storeowners and I would hand over a proof copy of the book. At this point I would try to form meaningful words as I talked about the book. It was actually a great opportunity not only for me to put a face to my novel, but as a soft entry into promoting it. I've started to distill some sound bites for future use. I've already had a few booksellers email me with positive feedback on the novel. Already very exciting and we haven’t even started promoting the book yet!

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